What is the Demonstration Team?

At Bruce Taekwondo Academy, you will see a few sharp-looking red uniforms. These are the members of the school’s esteemed Demo Team.

The Demo Team is made up of hard-working students as young as 6 years old and includes a few adult students as well. Their belt levels range from green to black with multiple degrees. The team is run by Grandmaster Bruce and selected coaches who devote endless hours to the team’s training and success. (We should also mention that behind-the-scenes is a swirl of dedicated parents who handle scheduling, venues, fund-raisers, celebrations, etc.)


The Team performs at large venues such as the US Open Hanmadang, and local celebrations and sporting events. Their highly entertaining performances include taekwondo-based dance routines with kicks, punches and blocks galore, weapons spinning faster than the eye can see, and impressive board and brick breaking.

Talent and tremendous hard work contribute to the success of their performances, but these kids and adults are learning so much more than complicated routines.


What they are learning about:

  • Friendship: The bond between them is easy to see as they encourage each other to do their best and tackle complicated moves. They portray a team spirit that rivals professional sports teams.

  • Dedication: Being on the Demo Team requires commitment. They are at every practice; they’re focused, disciplined and work hard to learn new routines.

  • Pride: Every time they step onto a stage, performing in front of huge crowds, they are confident and proud of themselves, and rightfully so.

These students are mentors to each other, as well as to other students in the school. In addition to team member requirements, they have obligations outside of the team such as having good grades and behavior at school and being respectful and helpful in their homes. They are wonderful examples of upstanding young members of the community, a mold which Bruce Taekwondo Academy’s School has mastered beautifully by example and instruction.

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